Rebuilding a Resilient America

We must remodel our cities so they can absorb environmental and economic shocks and stresses — and flourish.

"Climate change is a critical national security threat. In the past 5 years, US sea level rose 66% faster than the historical rate, putting 127 million citizens and 58% of US GDP at risk. ECM technology can help.”

— Steve Seager


We are exploring the potential uses of ECM technology to help cities and communities mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, and enables fresh water and cleaner air that improves public health.

  • Disaster risk reduction (e.g., flood management, coastal protection).
  • Water security (for drinking, agriculture, industry).
  • Improved air quality (via filtration, bio-scrubbing and ion exchange).
  • Restoration and regeneration of local ecologies and natural habitats.


ECMs have myriad of potential industrial applications in the design, build, operation and maintenance of Gray and Blue-Green infrastructure.

  • Gray (concrete-based) infrastructure includes buildings, bridges, seawalls and dams;
  • Blue-Green infrastructure is nature-centered, and includes the management of air, water and earth.

With ECMs we aim to create more durable eco-friendly concretes; media to better clean air and treat water; even remediate decades of pollution from the earth.


Bridge Deck

Road Bed

Green Roof

Stormwater Remediation

Water Filtration

Supplemental Cementitious Materials

Lightweight Geotechnical Fill

Precast Concrete

Reduced Carbon Concrete

Ultra High Performance Concrete

Insulated Foundations

Chemical Remediation

Soil Amendment


Permeable Pavement


Biocompatible Artificial Reef

Riparian/Beach Restoration


Agricultural Remediation

GlassWRX Agricultural Remediation

Blue-Green Algae/Excess Nutrient

Air/VOC Remediation