The Upcycling Company

What you recycle, we collect and upcycle with the help of ‘The Upcycling Company’.

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“Our city and municipal partners typically see a 10% increase in diversion of glass from their landfills in the first year. Over time, recycling rates of 75% or more are possible. The sooner we achieve that, the better for everyone — and the planet."

– Derrick Standley


Glass is endlessly recyclable. And yet more than 28 billion glass bottles and jars are landfilled each year in the US — the equivalent of filling up two Empire State Buildings, every three weeks.

Landfills are a major emitter of methane: a potent greenhouse gas and climate change contributor. They pose serious risks to public health and the environment. And we’re fast running out of room in them. The clock is ticking.

Recycling glass reduces risk and costs. We can even upcycle it into materials that remediate pollution from the landfills themselves! It’s a perfectly circular solution.


We help cities improve glass recycling rates, clean their waste streams and kickstart the circular economy.

  • Waste audits
  • ‘CLEAN THE STREAM’ glass recycling programs
  • Recycling program rollout
  • Customized glass collection containers
  • Community education support

We support cities and communities in making glass recycling a success for people, planet and profit.